Cold Outreach
For Teams

Keep your SDRs, Freelancers, or VAs outbound process centralized to maintain consistency while granting them a world-class repeatable process.

Keep Your Outreach In Order

Eliminate the data silos that come with managing separate
tools for cold outreach.

The Ultimate Powerhouse
for Cold Outreach

Manage all of your cold outreach work effectively from a single place and save yourself from the hassle of jumping between multiple tools that slow you down from the real work.

  • Send hyper-personalized cold emails, follow-ups, and text messages manually or totally on autopilot.
  • Have your own Inbound & Outbound calling system powered with automatic call recording.
  • 3X your chances of closing deals faster by always staying top of mind with prospects using the force of social selling.
Your Personal Cold
Emailing Assistant

Deliver highly personalized emails, always land in the inbox, and track your progress to adapt and improve your campaigns.

  • Identify the highest converting messages in a matter of days not months, using A/B split testing.
  • Increase deliverability with smart sending and email validations, saving yourself from bounces & destroying your domain reputation.
  • Go even deeper and personalize your cold emails with dynamic variables and our exclusive SmartSnippet Spintax feature that creates unlimited email variations
  • Track & get alerts from opens, clicks, & replies in real-time with progress dashboards.

Integrate any email client with Uptics.

Want to ramp your reps fast?

Heck ya!
Remarkable Calling
System For Achievers

Crush your cold calls with a native, built-in, phone & power dialing system. No extra sign-up or integration is needed at all.

  • Power Dial through your lead lists with just a single click.
  • Log & Record every single call so that you can review, improve and close more deals.
  • Receive incoming calls directly inside the Uptics platform itself.
Crack The Social
Selling Code

People care about and do business with the people they know. Be that unique person to your prospects using the extraordinary power of social selling.

  • Become the go-to person by engaging with prospects on every social platform using the multi-channel outreach feature.
  • Schedule automatic task reminders for social touchpoints to stay top of mind.
  • Apply the human element to social prospecting that people respect & respond to.