Hundreds of Small Businesses trust Uptics with their sales

All-In-One Sales Automation CRM

Uptics earns its paycheck by the automation and skips every vacation. How?

A mighty superpower others don't have...Automation.

Uptics handles business expansion with automation while you take care of customers or take a break.

  • Built for Small Business
  • All-in-One Platform
  • Build Your Own Plan
  • Grow your sales with personalized outreach, lead nurturing, and build lasting relationships with customers, all on autopilot.
  • Multi-channel selling or customer outreach with built-in Email, SMS, Phone, and Social management.

You’ve got clients, we’ve got solutions. Uptics knows client-based businesses, because we've done it.

  • Quick client-setup
  • Single Sign-on
  • Affiliate & Volume Pricing
  • Manage your client base while simplifying your sales tech with an all-in-one sales platform for small businesses.
  • Manage your VA's, Freelancers, or SDRs process and workflows in one place.

Let Uptics expand and grow your Financial Services Agency, while you take care of precious clients.

  • Renewal Automtion
  • Birthday Automation
  • Cross-sale Automation
  • Grow your book of business, manage your network & referrals, simplify client outreach, and build lasting relationships.
  • Manage your new and existing agents & reps with a predefined roadmap that leads to success.
Our Solutions For Growth…

You might have tried a lot of sales software, but Uptics is on a different level.

Sales CRM

Built just for small business, Uptics is the simple but powerful CRM you've been looking for.

Sales Enablement

Equip with the best multi-channel sales tools to sell more effectively.

Sales Automation

Automate your process on complete autopilot.

Cold Outreach

Book more qualified sales appointments and land new customers.

RampUp Beta

Ramp teammates with playbooks, blueprints, and SOPs.

Pay only for the things you need.

  • No more 'pay per seat'
  • No more bloated plans. Ever.

Everything you need to operate your sales in the cloud. Automate outreach, lead nurturing, or customer communication, in one place.

  • Sequences

    Build step-by-step workflows that automates your process. Plan out every step of the sequence whether it’s a to-do, email, call, SMS, or social media task.

  • Journeys

    Build an entire prospect, lead, or customer journey and experience by automating enrollments from sequence to sequence, without lifting a finger.

  • Emailing

    Automate autoresponder emails, cold email, lead nurturing emails, deal follow ups. Sky is the limit.

  • Calling

    Operate your business phone in the cloud and manage all your conversations in one place. Record calls, power dial through that lead list, and much more.

  • SMS

    Use personalized SMS in the cloud with 1-to-1, Bulk, and automated messaging to communicate directly with leads or customers.

  • Social Selling

    Schedule automatic social media outreach tasks to increase lead visibility and build your network.

  • Pipelines

    Manage multiple product lines or territories with unlimited pipelines and automate your workflows to push deals through your sales process to close more sales.

  • SmartLists

    SmartLists automate your contact and deal enrollment into an sequence. This is the backbone of how automation in Uptics makes your life easier.

The best commission-only sales hire you'll ever make. Guaranteed.

Uptics is simple, never asks for a day off, and you only pay for what you need.

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They added salespowers, will you?

Brandon Kathman Founder, SalesUp

Using Uptics sales automation we were able to reduce our number of cold calls by 10 times, while getting more customers. We also significantly scaled our company with no extra hires.

Simon Janin Founder, X80

The platform is incredibly deep and customizable. Other tools and approaches were all missing something. I see Uptics as my all-in-one sales platform. If you are like me, you should absolutely try it out.

Matt Miciula Founder, Digital Shift

Patrick and his team are outstanding! I would highly recommend Uptics to business owners that are serious about improving their cold sales outreach processes. These guys know how to get results!

Stuart Gray Founder, Hospitality Rocks

Uptics is worth it's weight in gold. The software does everything we need it to, and more, but the team and customer support is second to none. From onboarding, to migration, and even strategies they have it all covered.

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