Your Reps

Get your revenue generators up to speed with proper playbooks and SOPs to help them be successful and fuel growth faster.

Onboard Your Team Fast

No more repeating yourself every time you hire a new sales rep. Clone
your efforts and build repeatable processes to get your team up to speed.

Fail-Proof SOPs

Even if your hiring process is bringing in the right talent, you can’t expect your new rock-star sales reps to succeed without an equally effective onboarding plan.

  • Build repeatable & effective SOPs in no time to bring clarity to your reps during the most critical time.
  • Store all of your SOPs, neatly organized, in one place & never lose track them.
  • Provide step-by-step instructions to ensure adherence to best practices.
Repeatable Blueprints
& Playbooks

Give your team access to all call scripts, email templates, objections, customer pain points, and other critical documentation, from one place.

  • Set your reps for success from Day 1 by providing them with a proven roadmap, blueprints & playbooks.
  • Shorten their learning curve & integrate them into the business faster than ever before.
  • Explain your sales methodology & processes to your team in an easier way.
Your Own Training
Management System

Whether it's a new sales rep or an old one, 84% of sales training is forgotten within the first three months and it affects your rep’s performance & hurts your business.

  • Improve your team’s sales skills by adding courses that they can access from anywhere, anytime.
  • See who’s actually putting in the work and learning from your valueable training.
  • Save yourself from teaching the same thing again & again & again by creating training modules for your reps.

So you can monitor prospect engagement and follow up instantly.

  • Unlimited dashboards & reports to manage activity.
  • Get alerts when your prospects are taking action.
  • Instantly track email opens, replies, clicks, and even unsubscribes