Simple Sales

Less Work

Whether you want to automate follow-ups, outbound prospecting, or accelerate your sales, Uptics has the solution to help you grow to the next level, with less effort.

Automate Your Desired Sales Outcome

Eliminate mindless admin tasks and accelerate
predictability in your sales process.

Unlock hidden potential
in your sales

Sales reps perform so many unnecessary tasks. As the list grows, it simply gets too challenging to handle everything manually. With Uptics you can…

  • Eliminate forgotten, crucial, follow ups that could have been turned into sales.
  • No more guesswork on what to do and what not to do. Know all the important tasks your reps need to take in order to keep the pipeline full.
  • Always know how your sales reps are performing with Uptics’ advanced analytics & reporting system and know where to improve.
Powerful Lead, Deal &
Contact Automation

Don’t just automate emails as everyone else does. Schedule & automate every single thing required to grow sales.

  • Influence prospects at the right time with outbound and inbound lead automation.
  • Nurture deals on autopilot and move more opportunities to "Closed Won" without the extra effort.
  • Follow up and nurture, customers, former customers, "Maybes", tire kickers, or anyone who enters your sales funnel.

Want to crush cold outreach?

Heck ya!
Smarter Workflow Automation

Hit the ground running by knowing exactly what to do that moves the needle towards bringing customers at the current moment.

  • Automaically segment your leads with the hottest prospects with SmartLists & Lead Scoring.
  • Know exactly what your prospects are doing with real-time alerts whether it’s an email open, clicking on the links, or replies to one of your messages.
  • Nurture inbound leads, ex-customers, old prospects or anyone who enters your sales funnel on auto-pilot.
Data Management
for Sales

In a world where data is King. Use it to analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns, messaging, target audience, and optimize to increase the team’s performance even further.

  • Track & understand all your stats to monitor campaign results at a deep level.
  • Produce unlimited reports to measure every rep’s performance with ease.
  • Fast identification of sales-ready leads to keep your sales rep stay focused on the best opportunities.